Lights and Electricity

12V LED Ceiling Light – Single

Price – $13

  • 12v LED Light with ON/OFF switch




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12V LED Ceiling Light – Dual

Price – $26

  • 12v LED Light with ON/OFF switch.




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WFCO 8735 Power Center

Price – $150

Built-in AC or DC distribution.
Amp rating: 35 amps.
Converts 105V To 130V AC to 13.2V – 14.4V DC.
Peak output power: 600W.
Reverse battery and short-circuit protection. Weight: 5.5 pounds.
Color: Black



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Exterior 120v Generator Outlet Plate

Price – $20

  • Single Gang exterior plate with 120v male receptacle.

Connect standard extension cord from generator to fish house.



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